Chat Room Runners tackle the Vancouver Marathon, May 7, 2006

Kathie, Tim, and Carole arrived in Seattle on Thursday and Don met  up for dinner. Tim and Don were running the
 Vancouver, BC half marathon and we were meeting Wendy, who was running the full marathon, in Vancouver.


Bob and Dian met us at Camano Island where we all stayed one night on our way to Vancouver


Dian made us a nice breakfast Saturday morning before we headed off for Canada


The runners head out of the hotel on the morning of the marathon


Don and Tim in the chute after finishing the half-marathon on their way into the domed stadium
 recovery area. The dome was welcome as it had been a rainy and cold race! But the runners did well.


We all went a few blocks from the hotel to the 25 mile mark to watch for Wendy finishing the full marathon.
 Afterwards, the runners relaxed with a glass of champagne and our finisher medals.


We then headed off on a water taxi ride across False Creek to Granville Island


On Granville we went to a restaurant where we met Joan R (Warp)
who had helicoptered in from Victoria! That's Joan, third from left.


Tim and Kathie at "Bridges"


Wendy and Dian in the Jacuzzi back at the hotel


Kathie, Dian, Don, Carole and Wendy at the Jacuzzi


Dian, Wendy, and Carole having drinks at the "White Spot"


We stopped to visit Pat (second from right) on our way out of Vancouver.


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