Shaggy -- aka Ian, lives in Grantham, England.
  He's a firefighter as well as a member of the chat
 room gang.  Ian has a great story that many
 runners will relate to:



Shaggy's girlfriend, Mary, and their 2nd youngest, Karl



 The oldest one of the tribe, Sarah, at Shaggy's
 brother's wedding in 1999. She will be 15 on the
 5th February.

This is Ian and 4 of his 5 kids, Nicole, Karl, Leon his baby
 Josh -- the big kid is


Shaggy is second from right in this fire training photo


Shaggy and ex British formula 1
 racing driver Derek Warwick
 taken at Donnington Park race
 circuit in England. Motor racing is
 one of Shaggy's favourite

Another favourite sport of Shaggy's is football, or as the
Americans know it , soccer. Probably the most famous
football stadium in the world,  Wembly Stadium, home pf
English soccer and the venue for the Live Aid concert in
the 80's

That's Shaggy on the far right

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