Some of our runners came to San Francisco for the MRF Symposium on Aug 24, 02.  From the left, it's Don, Trauble, Adriene, and Rebajane.


Trauble and Rebajane yukking it up at the
 Symposium. On the left, Adriene and Trauble
 at Fisherman's Wharf

Kary, Don and Nan at the University of
Washington Hospital where all 3 are treated.


Mur and Pat from Vancouver, B.C. meet Don in Seattle


Don and Nan taking their own photo at Deception Pass in Washington State.  Nan
 lives in Alaska, but came to Seattle to be treated for her melanoma.


Barth and Adriene meet in Connecticut on New Year's day, 2003


Traublebro (Rick) and Don meet for coffee in Kirkland, WA


Barth and Carole meet in Connecticut (12-02)


Don and Barth have a beer at the Oyster River Tavern in West Haven, CT


Trauble and Rebajane had a mini-reunion in Oregon recently.  From left, it's Rebajane's husband, Keith, Rebajane (aka Becky), Trauble (aka Cindy), Trauble's husband, Mason and their son, Brandon

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