Left to right, John's wife Mary, their best friend Tracy, and John.  Recently they took a trip to California to visit Tracy in Santa Rosa. While sight seeing along the coast they ran across a really nice little wine and cheese cafe and had to stop and help out the local economy.

This photo was taken about two years ago after John and his brother returned from diving in Ft. Lauderdale.  The photo was taken at his parents house.

That is John on the far left, next to him is a student of Mary's, Erin Bator, and next to Erin, is Katrina Ribakof.  Katrina is the twin sister of a very close friend of John's son.

John's family bio: John and Mary were married in 1981 in Mallow, Ireland, where her parents live.  They are both school teachers --  Mary teaches Medical Skills and Health Occupation in a local high school, and John teaches Applied Technology in a local middle school (grades 6-8)  .  They have two children, John, 17, and Kelly, 14, and live in Port St. Lucie on the East Coast of Florida.

John Higgins passed away on February 22, 2003.  He is mourned by all who knew him. 

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