Faith's sister Maureen in May 2005, as she begins her battle with Ovarian and Breast Cancer....Maureen's motto is "Let's Get It On!" She is a real fighter!




Faith and Shannon, aka Butterflymom on Melasuckanoma, meet in June, 2004. These two have become the best of friends over the past year, through meeting on MPIP, so meeting in person was very special to them. They got their families together recently at Faith's home for a day of fun that included a birthday cake for Shannon's little Ryan. It was also Shannon's daughter Alannah's birthday not too long ago, and Jo-Jo's is coming up, so they made everybody happy and celebrated all three.



Motley Crue Concert "After Party", hosted by Vince Neal. We were lucky enough to be invited AND I got a kiss on the cheek from Vince and autographs. Yes, I am 36, going on 16....and it feels GREAT!!!!





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