Donna and her husband Shannon


Shannon at Lake Tahoe
where they were married  in 1990

They both ride Harley Davidsons - his is a 1995 - Roadking and
 hers is a 1998 - 1200 Sportster XL


 This was at the Ponderosa ranch at Lake Tahoe.  No the horses are not real!
They prefer to ride "hogs" anyways! ;-)


Shannon and his brother and sister along with his nieces and nephews.  July 4th, 2002


Shannon with nieces Danielle and Brittany - Summer 2002


Shannon, his brother Bill and nephews Logan and Riley.  December 2002


That's Shannon running in front on a SWAT call.  Shannon is from a family of police
officers and has been SWAT member for 14 years.


riding off into the sunset


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