DebiR -- the "bird lady" of Florida

Debi's son Michael


This is Debi, Glenda, Glenda's husband Dave, Debi's husband Ray, and their son Michael having lunch at a place on the beach. Glenda took a month off to relax in Florida, and met up with Debi and her family.


Michael took first place in a National Sound competition with his car (for his class) in Daytona, FL on March 28, 2004.  He was the youngest to enter and he went from 4th place to first with a score (sound measurement) of 146.9 .  He was thrilled and we were thrilled for him


This is Glenda grabbing Ray's butt. She just wanted to grab hold and Debi said go ahead -- LOL

Michael and Little Bit

Debi's parents -- Her dad was one of the Platoon Sergeants in the Battle of La Drang (Viet Nam), on which the movie "We were soldiers" was based.




Rico and Rocker





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