No words can describe Deb!!


DebbiefromOz -- that's Australia -- and her husband, Paul, ringing in New Year 2002.

 Here they are at their wedding in '95.  We hope she doesn't plan on racing in this outfit!!  Deb has a home on 5 acres (below) where she rides her horse.

As deb says -- "this is my pet lamb (below) - his name is Maario...he is 11weeks old in this photo........he thinks he is a dog, - hates the rain - runs and sleeps in a dog kennel to get out of it, and plays with the dogs and horse.................I really do worry, you know - he is still drinking from a bottle - he comes when you call him and sleeps in a dog hammock.........I think someone should tell him he's a sheep - they're not supposed to do that.........but living with me - you'd have to be part crazy!!!!!!"

and then there was Charlie......

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