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MPIPers at Chapel Hill, NC for the MRF Symposium, Feb 24, 2010 

Chloe, Amy Busby, Trinity, DebbieVa, , and Djpayne, have joined the club! Djpayne, DebbieS, Shannon, Lor (qualified for Boston!), Janice (Oz), and Wendy have nice new photos.

Our team -- click on a thumbnail at left to enlarge, or click a name below to see that members photos:

Adriene--Don't forget to check out the photos of her beautiful kids.

Alforry--Al is Alicia and a newlywed.

Alli--More Texans! Alli is from Houston

Amy Busby--Our favorite melwarrior

AngieF (lyncksus)-- been meaning to ask her where she got that nickname!

BarbaraGA--Took us a while to get Barb on, sorry!

BarbieGirl--Order your CD now, damn it!

Barth--The picture says it all!

Bill in Mtl-- and his famous sidekick!

Blondie-- Amy is another from the Aloha State.

Bonnie Lea-- She's still trying to get into the chat room.

BrendaCA--That's California, not Canada!

Brittany-- One of our younger members.

CamillaPB--A neighbor of a JimFla!

Carole--Travellin' Lady might be coming to your town soon!

Carver (CS)-- Plans to run a marathon soon!

CatMelanie--This cat loves dogs.

CharlieS--We finally got Charlie to send us his photo! 

Chell--and her hubby Bryan are both chatters

Cheryl--The Canadians are starting to outnumber us!

Cheryl3kids--Wow!  Great photos.  Check it out.

Chloe--10 years old and a 5K champion!

Christa--With photos from South America.

CindyMillan--It's taken a while, but we finally got Cindy.

Crafty--New and old photos of Crafty and her husband.

Craigo--Our Canadian contingent is ever growing.

DawnC--Definitely our first member from Tanzania.

Dean--Looks like we will be challengers in golf also.

DebbiefromOz--We went half way around the world to find her!!

DebbieH--From Michigan to Ireland to Tennessee and back.

DebbieS--You don't expect her to train while she's on vacation, do you?

DebbieVa--Runs and Sings!

DebiR-FL--Don't mess with the bird lady of the Everglades!

Dee-- She can take up the slack, utilizing her "teahouse training" technique!

Dian -- A weightlifter and Bluegrass artist from Spokane.

Diana/bb--A recent race winner (really!), Diana is a great addition to our team.

DianeC--She had to give up tanning and is going to take it out on the competition!!

Djpayne--Runs up and down the East Coast.

Donnie & Linda Forbis -- "Fenderman" and his family.

DonW --slow footed old fart who needs to lose a few pounds.

Donna777--Easy Riders take to the desert.

EricaR--All downhill from her mountaintop home.

ErinD--Sure looks like a runner.

Eve--Eve, daughter of Rose-Ann, takes the natural approach to winning.

Faith--She even has some meeting photos with another runner.

Forrest--Carmen (CMN on the bb), his wife, sent in the photos.

Floridagirl--and a "real" runner!

Froggie--Jobo's daughter makes the team.

Guten Tag-- also known as Dwayne.

Harriet--Check out her Watsu web site.

imo--Our first British runner!

inmirage--Kim will bring the Maine lobster to the parties.

Jack (NYC)--This guy likes to party!

Jackie Doss -- Has her own awareness web site. Check it out.

Janice--Another member for our OZ contingent.

Jan--she's been around since day one!

JerryB--and lots of relatives!

Jewels--she has her own team right here.

Jill--Just back from New Zealand.

JohnFla--What do they call those things coming out of a lobster's head?

JudyMtl--and some wildlife!

julieincanada--The runners head north (way north!)

JulieO-- A real runner! Check Julie's photos.

Justin -- He does the swimming!

Karen from Indiana--and her sisters!

katthy (Kag) --holding down one of the corners of the U.S.

Kawrider--our first motorcycle racer. 

ken--all lower case.

KimK--she's into water sports!

Kim-FL--and her interesting family of canines.

KimFromIowa--Our third Kim?

King--Kathie and her cat are still a Red Sox fans after all these years.

Krissy--with one daughter and one "son".

LaurieC--We finally got Whoha on our team.

Lesley--Our first runner from Mexico.

Lor--swift footed high school teacher from Pennsylvania.

Lottaguns--We're bringing in the heavy hitters.

Luckyangel--Also known as Lisa, our youngest member!

MartyC--He beats the opposition without getting out of bed!!

MaryP--Mary and Larry are going to lead the way to victory.

Meagan--our youngest runner, and an upcoming star!

MissyA--Lots of photos!

Monika--our international cast of characters grows.

Mur--Otherwise known as Moose. This guy is amazing!!

Mustang--Ride Sally, ride!

Nan -- AKA Alaskamom

NancyD--Nancy and her husband live in Sunny California

Nanner -- From Ontario!

NealH -- aka "Hondo", whatever the heck that is.

Ness -- She's German, but knows English better than you!

Lyn--A real runner and an Australian soldier

PamOK--and her hubby Mike. We may need a golf team next!

PaulB--Nature boy from California

Pauline--she has plenty of experience catching the bus!!

Penny--Enjoys the pool, but in the shade.

Pet--Oh, no!!  More Canadians!

Rebajane--Also known as Becky, has some nice photos for us.

Rebeca--Rebeca adds some European flair to our team.

RodG--the Canadian contingent just keeps growing!

RonaM--Nice Photo of Rona and her family.

Roxanne--Something familiar about her

Rusty and Yen--first members from Singapore and Korea!

Sandey--She has to change her name every week.

Shaggy--Ian is fire fighter as well as a runner.

Shannon--Also known as Butterflymom

SheilaNB--That's New Brunswick, Canada.

Shelley--Beautiful horses in the snow.

SmilingOwl--She gave the Chat Room Runners their home.

StanN--Firefighter makes news!!

Stephanie--Our newest member!  Nice photos of her family on vacation.

Stickboy--Dave joins our elite team.

ToddHuey--Better at golf than running.

Trauble--Cindy sent us some fun shots of herself and family.

Trinity--Another member from Virginia.

Trish--Another member from the Bluebonnet state.

Turk--We now have our own rock band!

Vickie--Our first member from the Aloha State.

Walter--Our second Santa!

Wildred--aka Jami 

Willie--Let's party in Orgeon!

Sam Donaldson--We let Sam join despite the fact that he is slow as molasses.

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