M.P.I.P. Asheville Bash 2004

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Ashethurs2004.jpg (72944 bytes)
Part of the group at Carole's Apartment Thursday Night

balloons.jpg (65076 bytes)
Balloon release in memory of lost warriors


candlelight.jpg (41007 bytes)
Candlelight vigil for lost warriors

runagainstbush.jpg (57287 bytes)
Carole, DonW, and TimT before the
 "Run Against Bush" in downtown Asheville


timkathiedianbob.jpg (61171 bytes)
TimT and Kathie (King), Dian and Bob

caroledebi.jpg (29121 bytes)
Carole and DebiR in "Saturday Night Fever"


cancersucks.jpg (38682 bytes)


debidanhottub.jpg (35662 bytes)
DebiR, DanT and BarbieGirl

davelesley.jpg (38347 bytes)
Dave and Lesley


lauriebarthlisa.jpg (36288 bytes)
LaurieC, Barth, and Barbie

lauriedon.jpg (43572 bytes)
LaurieC and DonW


kagcarolejim.jpg (40028 bytes)
Kathy (Kag), Carole, and Kathy's husband, Jim

glendagroup.jpg (48721 bytes)
Glenda's husband, son-in-law, daughter, and grandson


KagLaurie.jpg (56438 bytes)
Kathy and Laurie

ryannan.jpg (36305 bytes)
Alaskamom (Nan) with her cousin Ryan


lauriedave.jpg (37484 bytes)
LaurieC and Dave from Va.

timdan.jpg (46684 bytes)
TimT and DanT


lorilisajackie.jpg (51367 bytes)
Lori P was a surprise guest -- with Barbie and Jackie

glendadianlesley.jpg (44287 bytes)
Glenda, Dian, Lesley


lisabutt.jpg (60355 bytes)
Can't explain this one

dontim.jpg (63736 bytes)
DonW and TimT


dianguitar.jpg (62642 bytes)
Dian plays some Bluegrass

debirayjackie.jpg (58839 bytes)
DebiR, husband Ray, Jackie T

debbiepete.jpg (50643 bytes)
Pete and Debbie


butt.jpg (68478 bytes)

donlori.jpg (39117 bytes)
DonW and Lori P 


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