Michigan Bash 2005
Grand Haven


The whole group at  Cheryl's house in Grand Haven


The patients. front row: Joyce (kawrider), Cara, SheilaNB, and Staci. Second row: Diana, Glenda, Cheryl's3kids, Carole, and DebbieH. Back row: BarbieGirl (Lisa), LindaP, DonW, Kathie (King), Dian from Spokane, Knute, and Davidwi or va, whichever:-)


Cheryl's 3 kids, Zach, Emma, and Carly on the boat ride


One of the fun activities that Cheryl arranged was a scavenger hunt in Grand Haven. There were three groups competing. This is group one. Leni, SheilaNB, NancyD, DebbieH, DonW, Carole, and TimT (King's husband) This group came in second, but there were allegations of irregularities:-)


Strangely enough, cigar smoking was a pastime of some. Here it's Glenda, MamaG, TimT, BarbieGirl and Bob (Dian's husband)


JackieT and Barbiegirl. Lisa sang "The Anchor Holds" and "Wings of Hope" for the group during our boat ride Saturday night. Note the Coast Guard ship behind. Grand Haven is known as Coast Guard City and has been the headquarters of the CG for many years.


Linda P led the memorial service on the boat ride. We threw flowers into the Grand River in memory of lost warriors.


A group went dancing at The Kirby one evening. It's Cheryl's husband, Brad, Julie's husband, Cara, Linda P, Julie I, Davidwi, Cheryl, Don W, and Carole


Carole, DebbieH and her daughter Sarah at "The Kirby", a restaurant at ground zero in Grand Haven and a nice gathering location.


Dian entertains us with some music


Cany and her son Cory


It was Carole's birthday. She opens a gift while Leni looks on.


Kurt (aka "Knute") and his wife Pam, with DonW on the right.  Kurt and Pam got to Grand Haven via ferry from Milwaukee 


More cigar smoking. TimT and DanT


SheilaNB and DebbieH


Joyce (Kawrider) paints one of her melanoma awareness signs while the group enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Cheryl's house.


Cheryl couldn't resist the cigar frenzy


Bob and Glenda


SheilaNB and her husband Norm


Vern and Nancy D


melasuckanoma home