M.P.I.P. Asheville Bash 2003

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Asheville-Gang,-2003.jpg (95926 bytes)
This is the gang on Friday

groupstanding.jpg (77725 bytes)
This is the gang on Saturday
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candle.jpg (101642 bytes)
Candlelight vigil for lost warriors
caregivers.jpg (69139 bytes)
The caregivers got their own photo
raft1.jpg (102840 bytes)
Rafting on the French Broad
nancarole.jpg (76793 bytes)
 Nan and Carole
stanhands.jpg (31749 bytes)
What a night!
stankim.jpg (64917 bytes)
KimK and StanN in the parking lot of the Best Western.  That's Glenda on the far left and Stan's wife, Helen, on the right.
ericjim.jpg (23134 bytes)
MissyA's husband Eric and Kathy's
 (kag) husband Jim
gutendon.jpg (44960 bytes)
GutenTag, Carole, and DonW.
  Don't ask us what they are doing!
missy1.jpg (71205 bytes)
DonW, MissyA, AlaskaMom (Nan), KimK,
and Carole
MeaganClaireShelley.jpg (24544 bytes)
Shelley's daughter Stephanie, Meagan,
Claire and Shelley
CharlieMeaghanmodify.jpg (40547 bytes)
Meagan and Charlie S
DonDebiR.jpg (24439 bytes)
DebiR and DonW
The-Newlyweds,-Pete-and-Deb.jpg (51742 bytes)
The newlyweds, Pete and Debbie
Mustang-Jim.jpg (57831 bytes)
Kag's hubby Jim, Mustang, and Dwayne,
aka GutenTag, lurking behind
carolnan3.JPG (477341 bytes)
Carole and Nan sporting "Capt. Nassano"
tee shirts
LauireGuten.jpg (49969 bytes)
LaurieC and Dwayne (GutenTag) on
the Blue Ridge Parkway
charliegirls.jpg (80958 bytes)
Charlie's girls -- kathy (kag),  Lisa, DebiR,
and LaurieC
lindakag2.JPG (48603 bytes)
LindaP and Kathy (kag)

Glenda and Charlie , Asheville Bash 2003.jpg (57469 bytes)
Glenda and Charlie hang out by the bar.  

On the right, LaurieC and BarbieGirl (Lisa)

LaurieCLisa.jpg (35306 bytes)
Chell and Bryan.jpg (76749 bytes)
Chell and Bryan
CaroleKimStan.jpg (65590 bytes)
Carole, KimK, StanN, Glenda, and DonW

Friday night, a large group of us took over the bar at the Best Western and partied hard, as the photos below show.
Aug03Ashville066.jpg (37544 bytes)
DonW, Mustang, Charlie S, and LaurieC
DebiR-Lisa-LarieSis.jpg (44612 bytes)
DebiR, BarbieGirl, and LaurieC's sister
I'll toast to that!.jpg (86857 bytes)
I'll toast to that!!
Dancing.jpg (54090 bytes)
Kathy and hubby Jim, Mustang, Carole,
 and Charlie dance up a storm!
MarieJessLaurie.jpg (22007 bytes)
MarieM, daughter Jessica, and LaurieC
Stan-and-Helen,-Asheville-B.jpg (61196 bytes)
StanN and his wife Helen
jesslooking2.jpg (64297 bytes) LaurieUncle.jpg (47596 bytes)
LaurieC and her family.

On the left, MarieM's daughter, Jessica,
standing below Looking Glass Falls on
the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Asheville is in
the mountains of western NC.

Glenda and Dave in front of the Biltmore mansion.jpg (77105 bytes)

toast.jpg (70720 bytes)
Nan, Mustang, KimK, DonW, Dwayne,
MarieM, Carole, and StanN's wife, Helen
toast the MPIP

On the left, Grumpy (aka "Dave") and Glenda
at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville

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