MRF Seattle Mini-Symposium January 10, 2004


Some of the attendees at the Seattle Symposium.  Left to right, it's Michael O and his wife Gail; Rhonda C;
Joan R (warp); Dr. Casey Culbertson; Mur, Janner, JENS, Pat, Leon B, Don W, and Jamie (Lumpy)


Warp, Casey, Mur and Pat. Pat and Mur are from Vancouver, BC


Michael O, Dr. John Thompson, Warp.  We had a nice lunch after the symposium


Rhonda C and Michael O.  Rhonda lives in Silverdale, WA and Michael in Lion's Bay, BC


Pat,  Janner, and Mur. Janner came all the way from Utah for the symposium


Leon B and Don W

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